Dog show entry form

(for foreign exhibitors only / tylko dla wystawców zagranicznych)

1. Dog show

2. Class
Enclose the certificate
A copy of the recognized Champion Title and Working Certificate for the Champion/Working class has to be included. Otherwise the dog will be categorized as “Open Class”.

3. Pedigree No. (for example LOSH 345678 or EST 00873/08 or FIN 4848/08)
Only lettersOnly numbers
A copy of the pedigree to be enclosed.
Enclose the pedigree

4. Name of dog and kennel name
Name of dog
Kennel name
Kennel name in front of dog’s name

5. Titles and working certificate
Only the titles of International and National Champion, which have been confirmed and the official titles obtained at FCI World and Section Shows (World Winner, Junior World Winner, Section Winner and Junior Section Winner) can be published in the catalogue.


Working certificate (for example: IPO-1)
Enclose certificate

6. Sex Dog    Bitch

7. Breed

8. Colour

9. Date of birth

11. Tattoo No.
or chip No.

12. Cropped ears    Docked tail

13. Father (name and kennel name)

14. Mother (name and kennel name)

15. Breeder (first name and surname)

16. Owner and address:
Post code
Phone No.
Please write one e-mail address only.
Please repeat e-mail address.
Co-owner (name and surname)

17. Copy of the bank transfer: Enclose the copy

18. Comment

The submission of the entry form shall be regarded as exhibitor’s declaration stating that he/she knows the show regulation and will observe them.
Date: 21.02.2020